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Attention! This is the old application page. The current application page is located here! Please submit your completed applications there.

Ready to apply? Well, you are in the right place! Hop on down and copy-paste the application, but first we would like it if you went over a few things before you find yourself diving into game. We would really appreciate it if you went over the rules, as well as the taken character list to make sure the character you are applying for has not been taken already. You also might want to check out holds just to make sure. You can't be too careful you know.

Please make sure that you read over the FAQ and the HP canon guide to clear anything up, and if you feel like something has not been mentioned, post a comment and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. If having difficulty with your application, we recommend you give the Application Guide a look over as well.

T H I N G S T O T A K E N O T E O F;

1. The mods have the jurisdiction to approve or deny any application submitted.

2. Post your application with your personal livejournal!

3. Your application will need to include two specific words; these words can be found hidden in the rules and information pages linked in the community profile.

4. You may only apply for ONE character at a time. Once that character is approved than you may choose another. A player is not allowed more than one un-responded to application on the application forum. For all new players to the RP, we ask you wait one week before applying as a new character, this will give you time to settle in to the community.

5. KEEP IN MIND. This is Hogwarts, and it's a British school. There shouldn't be a huge flood of "DESU DESU DESU" at any point in time. Thus, your characters should be British, or at the very least European. If they aren't, you MUST have a GOOD reason for it! The UK is very diverse and has many nationalities, so if you want them to be a different ethnicity, they can still be British! Here are some locations where characters reside.

6. When applying for a Hetalia Character, we request that you phrase the Canon history in the context of the comic, as opposed to the actual history of the country. This is so we can see how the history translates in to the anthropomorphic character.

7. PLEASE KEEP OOC CONVERSATION OUT OF THE APP POST! At least keep it to a minimum if you are going to say something such as 'huzzah for [fill in character name here]', get their AIM and tell them in person. I am sure they would rather hear it that way.

8. If applying for a:
Student: The most important thing to remember for students is that they are students who go to school. Be prepared to observe all student rules, meaning there are IC consequences for fighting, sneaking out after curfew, and pranks. That doesn't mean not to have fun, just know your character can get in trouble for it! There are also classes with homework, but signing up and doing school work is optional. More info on student rules are here and these spots will always be open.

Teacher/TA: Keep in mind what characters are suitable to teach, and pick a subject that makes sense for them (and for Hogwarts if it's a non-canon class). There is a maximum of two teachers and two TAs on any given subject and occupied teacher and TA spots can be seen here. Teacher characters have to do one homework post a month, while TAs are required to do one post every two months, both of which can be posted here. Teachers are encouraged to give out detentions, house points, and overall, remember that they're teachers. More info on teacher rules are here. Currently: [open]

Staff Member: Similar to professors, minus the assignments, they have a degree of authority as well, but not as much as teachers. They focus on working in the hospital wing, library, grounds, etc. Just like professors, they shouldn't entirely neglect their jobs for social interaction and will use the same application form as teachers. Occupied staff positions can be seen here. Currently: [open for HP-CANON CLASSES. Other classes must provide reasoning.]

9. If your application is:
Accepted: Congratulations! Follow the instructions, add yourself to all the lists, and welcome to Sorting Hat!

Wavered: We think your application could use a few improvements to be up to the quality of our roleplay. You have a week to adjust these issues before the character is up for grabs again. If you reapply and we still don't find it up to par, you will be rejected.

Rejected: There are significant problems with the application, so you must wait one week before reapplying or reserving that character (unless you already have a hold on that character, but you can't renew it if the hold expires). However, if you want to apply a different character, you can do so whenever.

S T U D E N T A P P L I C A T I O N | | T E A C H E R A P P L I C A T I O N
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